Writing the script for our first short, coming out Summer 2019

“The Latin Artists Collective was created by MJ Carpena Melero in late 2018, when coming upon the lack of Latinx representation in Film, Television, Theatre, and all forms of artistic media. For the second largest ethnic group in the United States, Latinx artists encompass only 7% of artistry produced across the country.  With the help of six Latinx students-- Sophia Aranda, Sara Atehortua, Giovanna Drummond, Ana Larrazolo-López, Carolimar Santiago, and Kayla Zanakis. We realized that to promote the inclusion of the stories that mattered to us, we had to create the space ourselves. And so, we did, here at Tisch. Our vision: to begin a company that allows the stories of Latinx artists to be expressed and realized.

Through our collective, we will create, share, and promote the stories that need to be heard. The stories that make us, the stories that are us. Our goal: to Empower Latinx Voices. “ - L.A.C.