The Beginning....

On 2/26/19 the Latinx Artists Collective was born.


After months of planning on the part of our Artistic Director, Maria Jose Carpenas, the seven women who make up the founding board of L.A.C. met and created a mission statement and game plan for the future of our new company.

We wanted to create a media company that would produce new and unpublished works by Latinx artists that are more able to represent the stories and experiences of what is no longer a minority but rather a collective people that make up 17% of the population in the U.S. We decided that our company would be a muti-media platform, bringing awareness to different social and political issues that are taking place around the world in the countries that make up the Latinx conglomerate by building our content around current events.

Our goal: “To Empower Latinx Voices”

Founding board:

MJ Carpena Melero- Founder/Director, Newsfeed, Content Creator

Sara Atehortua- Management and Coordination, Content Creator

Carolimar Santiago- Management and Coordination, Content Creator

Giovanna Drummond- Fundraising, Newsfeed, Content Creator

Sophia Aranda- Fundraising, Accounting, Content Creator

Ana Larrazolo-López -- Strategic Research and Planning; Web and Media Distribution; Content Creator

Kayla Zanakis- Social Media, Content Creator