I was born in Miami, Florida and raised on Croquetas, Cafécito and Cuban-American ambition.


A first generation child of immigrants, I have lived my life building upon the path that my parents have laid for my sister and I with brick and mortar, hard work and perseverance.

My dad has been in a classic rock cover band from the time I was a little girl called The Bushmen. By the time I was thirteen they were the number one local cover band in Miami, playing at the Superbowl and Key West boat show.

Because of this my sister and I always thought we would end up being the next Heart. But one day when I was sitting at a school assembly I saw my first student-written play and I knew that theater was my destiny.

The next week I auditioned for my school’s Drama program with Evanescence’s, Bring Me to Life and the rest is history.

Soon I became the thespian representative for Miami and began to perform at regional theaters all over the city.

Being in that leadership position allowed me to travel all across Florida, giving me the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life. From this I began to develop an interest in writing down the stories of all the people I would meet. And although I was still acting in as many musicals and plays as I could, I began to realize that none of the stories that were being told were representative of the stories of the community around me. So I began playwriting.


When I was sixteen I attended the CityWrights playwriting conference on Miami Beach and within a year joined the Dramatist guild as a writer. The following year I attended the conference once again and had a short piece published in the City Theatre Anthology of short plays and monologues.

However, as I headed off to NYU I decided that while I was studying I would spend all my time developing my craft as an actor and collaborator above all else.

Now I am performing in shows across the city while also being able to cultivate my craft as a writer and artist with the L.A.C.