Fefu and Her Friends

Fefu and Her Friends is a play about seven women trying to negotiate their place in a world that is all too quick to put them in a box. Taking place in 1930’s New England, Fefu and Her Friends takes place over the course of one day when seven women come together to plan a philanthropic event for the advancement of children’s education. Over the course of the play we see each woman’s identity peeled back to reveal the underside of their seemingly perfect exteriors.

Cindy, one of Fefu’s closest friends, has known Fefu and Julia for many years and was with Julia when, after being narrowly missed by a hunter’s bullet, she became paralyzed at the will of the “judges,” in Julia’s mind. She dreams of standing up for herself and finding strength, telling her friend Christina about a dream she had where she was chased by a male doctor who she refused when he made sexual advances.